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We repair the type of air conditioner that you have.

Air conditioning is not a luxury in Corpus Christi—it’s a necessity. Our AC repair technicians will be right there.


  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Split System
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners
  • Through The Wall Air Conditioner
  • PTAC
  • Indoor Packaged Units
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100% Satisfation Guarantee

“We are family-owned and run, and I guarantee 100% satisfaction for any air conditioner service that we do for you. If you are not thrilled with our work, I’ll make it right” – Eli Castaneda Jr, Founder

Use your senses to know when it’s time to get your central air conditioner repaired.


The thermostat is not responding. There is water or evidence of a leak near the air conditioner.


It frequently cycles on and off or makes strange sounds (rattle, banging, or silence).


It is blowing hot air or no air at all. Your house has high humidity levels and feels stuffy.


There are bad odors coming from around the vents (burning or musty).

Can my AC be repaired on the same day?

YES (94% of the time)

The most repeated comment on our reviews mentions our response time and speed of the repair. We know that there is never a great time for an air conditioner breakdown. We are always open. We always answer your phone calls. With fully stocked service vans, most issues are resolved in hours – not days. Learn more.


Do you repair window air conditioners?

In most cases, it’s not practical to repair a window ac unit. However, before you replace it, consider a better option: a wall mounted ductless system. It allows you to cool a room without ductwork or one that is often too hot in spite of central air, but it’s more efficient, much quieter, and overall safer because you can lock your windows and run lines through just a three-inch hole in the wall.

How to Extend the Life of Your Central Air Conditioner.

1. Clean your outdoor AC unit.
A dirty outdoor compressor struggles to cool your home and makes your energy bill skyrocket. Use a coil cleaner with your garden hose or pressure washer, or we can do it for you.

2. Vacuum your vents.
Central AC systems use intake and return vents. If your vents are blocked, your air conditioner will struggle to keep your place cool. Use a vacuum with a brush or a “Swiffer” type disposable cloth.

3. Get a smart thermostat.
Google Nest “learns what temperatures you like at different times of the day. After a few days of learning, your thermostat will prepare a schedule for you”. It has a phone app so you can adjust the temp from anywhere. It quickly pays for itself in energy savings. It looks cool. We love it. We keep them in-stock and we install.

4. Use blinds, curtains, or glass tint.
The sun gets pretty intense here in the coastal bend. If you let the heat in, your AC has to remove it. You will stay comfy, your AC gets a break, and you save money with a lower electric bill.

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What you should know about “FREON”

Your current system may use FREON (technically called HCFC-22) as the refrigerant. It circulates through the “veins” of your air conditioner’s compressor to make them cold.

Freon has been cancelled.

Under the U.S. Clean Air Act on substances depleting the ozone layer, the U.S. phased out Freon in the 1990s and, in January 2020, stopped production and imports of air conditioners that use them.

According to the EPA; “the most important thing that you can do is maintain [your air conditioner] properly because appropriate servicing minimizes potential environmental damage and prolongs the life of the system.”

So what does this mean for people with air conditioners that use Freon?

Get an AC tune-up every 6 months. If the refrigerant level is low, find the leak and fix it, or discuss replacing the system. Every air conditioner is designed to efficiently cool a predefined space rated in square footage.

American Standard

American Standard will keep your home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days – and use less energy doing it. American Standard air conditioners are energy efficient, reliable and built to last. When you need an upgrade or a repair on your American Standard AC, give us a call.


Armstrong Air is a smart choice for homeowners who expect more from their HVAC system. Built with durable materials and incorporating brilliant technology throughout, they’re a brand you can trust. We’re happy to service Armstrong products.


APCO has won the prestigious AHR Innovation Award. This is the highest honor in the HVAC industry. With several models to choose from, there is an air system to fit every home, all of which use the same award-winning technology.


Bryant has been helping homeowners improve their indoor comfort for over a hundred years. Their heating and cooling systems offer the highest efficiency home cooling and give you efficient performance, comfort and value. When you’re looking for a repair or an upgrade, give us a call.


Count on a Coleman® air conditioner for the quality and dependability you can feel. Their high-performance lineup of furnace systems is engineered for outstanding durability and energy efficiency.


Ducane heating and cooling equipment is always a good choice. Ducane uses components that are chosen for their durability, which are then tested and inspected for quality before it ships. If your Ducane AC isn’t working, we can help.


Friedrich makes air conditioners for every residential use, from home office spaces to multi-room properties to the most challenging hazardous environments. We service them all.


Goodman® and air conditioning and heating products are designed and assembled in Waller, TX and covered by Goodman’s 20/10/2 year warranty.


Exacting standards make Lennox® air conditioners among the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy. So if a Lennox system has a problem, you’ll want a factory-trained team. That’s when you call us.


Mitsubishi is best known for its unique multi-zone air conditioning systems with the flexibility of controlling the temperature in each room independently. If you want to upgrade, or your Mitsubishi needs repair; we’re here.


Rheem® specializes in dependable, quiet, efficient systems that make your home comfortable.


Ruud air conditioners are known for being reliable and efficient, but inevitably, repairs are eventually needed. If you need a Ruud ac repair, we’ve got you covered. 


Every Trane air conditioner is tested to withstand the harshest conditions nature can throw at it – like freezing conditions and flooding, but if it needs a repair, we’re here to help. We meet emergency repair requests.


Since 1874, York has manufactured air conditioners with unparalleled efficiency, convenience and reliability. We’re happy to provide AC repair for York air conditioners.