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AC Tune-Up

Experienced Care for your Heat and Air.

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AC Tune-Up

Extend the life of your air conditioner with a regular maintenance plan. Seasonal AC tune-ups keep your cooling systems running efficiently throughout the year in Corpus Christi’s highest temperatures. On average, over 80% of central air conditioning repairs could have been avoided with proper maintenance. You probably know that without regular oil changes, your car won’t run efficiently. Well, the same goes for your air conditioner. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner can’t be expected to live as long or function properly.

Joining our maintenance program will ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly for years to come. An air conditioner is a big investment. Take care of yours with professional maintenance from Precision Air.

For a one-time fee of just $99, we travel to your home and perform factory specified preventive maintenance services to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency.

*Limited to 2 tune-ups each year.

What are the benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

✔︎ Ensure optimal equipment performance

✔︎  Decrease emergency repairs

✔︎  Minimize energy consumption

✔︎ Just $99 covers you for two years! (Maximum 2 tune-ups per year)

What is performed during an AC Tune-UP?

  • Test all controls (contactors, capacitors, circuit boards, relays, transformers, etc.)
  • Check refrigerant levels for proper charge
  • Check blower speeds for proper CFM output
  • Check amperage on the compressor to prevent overheating and potential outage
  • Check all possible airflow restrictions which cause the unit to run longer and harder.
  • Wash outside condenser

When you take care of your air conditioner, it takes care of you! It’s the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning and heating maintenance with Precision Air!