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Driving your car for 80,000 miles without changing the oil or having the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance would be a disaster. The same goes for your central ac and furnace. They have moving parts, electrical components, and filters. Maintenance extends the life of your systems, prevents repair, and saves energy costs by lightening the load.

Free Tune-Ups & Cleanings

  • Scheduled Spring & Fall visits
  • Check filters & refrigerant levels
  • Load test electrical components
  • Check blower for proper CFM output
  • Check compressor amperage draw
  • Check for airflow restrictions
  • Wash outside condenser

Steep Discounts

Whether you just need a filter replaced or an entire HVAC system, Comfort Club members SAVE BIG.

Priority Service Visits

During times of peak demand, we service Comfort Club members first.

Extended Warranty

You can enjoy additional protections of new components at no extra cost.

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