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Why people love Precision Air


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had a leak coming from AC unit so I contacted Precision air and they had someone out to service my AC within 10 minutes. The worker name Zeke knew Exactly what he was doing and fixed the problem within minutes. Thanks to Precision air my AC is working way better and is a lot cooler then before . I highly recommend this place. Thanks Again!

Yolanda Leal


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Zeke came out immediately to my home for an estimate on a new air condition system and was very knowledgeable. I was very impressed and scheduled services that very same day. Very professional company. Will recommend to all family and friends and will use them again in the future! Thank you, Precision Air, Zeke and the hard working men who got my air conditioning running again better than ever!!

Marisa  Perez


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very happy with Precision Air versus some of their competitors in the Corpus area. We’ve moved to using them for all five systems in our office building. Fair pricing, fast service, and responsive.

Clint Rendall


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Precision Air was great and here in less than 30 minutes. Unfortunately I had reached out to another repair company and after waiting three hours I made the phone call to Precision Air (mind you it was 9:00 p.m.) and Eli responded back immediately. He sent out the technician and he was great. Thanks you guys and we will definitely be requesting Marlon again, he is very knowledgeable.

Aaron Benbow


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I called Precision Air in the evening and they were able to get me scheduled the very next morning. Scheduling was super easy and Zeke, our technician, showed up on time, he was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Precision Air and will definitely use them again!

Aaron Villarreal


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Received a text message when the Tec was on his way allowing me to get home in time for him. Very professional and courteous. Checked all aspects of the A/C system and tuned it up. Would recommend Precision Air to all my Family and Friends.

Eric Fraley


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our AC went out over the 4th of July weekend. I called one of the big name AC companies in town. They were unable/unwilling to fix the problem. I called Precision Air and they showed up within an hour and fixed the problem within 30 minutes. The tech, Marlon, was awesome. He knew exactly what to do and how to get me and my family back into a cool home.

Daniel Rodriguez


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I called Eli’s team at Precision Air to come take a look at our ac unit at our car dealership. They were very punctual and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend them! I will be using them from now on!



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Precision Air came out to help when our AC went out. They arrived quickly and the price was very reasonable. They were able to get our AC up and running in no time. The owner Eli, even followed up after to make sure the service went well and our unit was running great. Great Service and Customer Service!!

Daniel Cortez

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Can my AC be repaired the same day?

YES – 94% of the time.

We are always open and answer your call 24/7.
There is no surcharge for “after hours” visits.

Can you install AC in a house that doesn't have it?


If you have existing ductwork (your furnace blows air through vents) we can usually attach the air conditioning components to share the ductwork.

If you have no ductwork, we either install new ductwork or install a ductless mini-split AC system that attaches to your wall and uses a remote control.

We’ll take a look, provide you with a free estimate and help you decide.

How much does a new air conditioning unit cost?


Similar to buying a new car, there are less expensive units, and more full-featured options. We will study your unique space and give you advice.

  • How many square feet can it cool?
  • How energy efficient is it?
  • How much of your existing system can be reused (ductwork, electrical, humidifier, etc)?
  • Will there be upgrades (UV disinfection, filtration, humidification, thermostat, code requirement work)?
  • How much can you save with tax credits and rebates?

Do you offer financing on HVAC services?


We offer financing options on all HVAC services with low monthly rates. A large percentage of our clients choose to take advantage of $0 down financing. We can guide you through the process.

Should I replace or repair my central air conditioning?

This depends on 2 factors:

Is my air conditioner the right size for the job? It is common for builders and homeowners to choose based primarily on price, but an undersized HVAC works extra hard to keep your home cool. This shortens its life and drives up your electrical bill.

Was it maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations (i.e. regular tune-up and filter changes) or was it only inspected when it broke?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, your central HVAC system should last 12-15 years.

Another consideration; older HVAC units use FREON (technically called HCFC-22) as the refrigerant. It circulates through the “veins” of your air conditioner’s compressor to make them cold.

Under the U.S. Clean Air Act on substances depleting the ozone layer, the U.S. phased out Freon in the 1990s and, in January 2020, stopped production and imports of air conditioners that use them. Why? Because the chemicals are bad actors. They enter the stratospheric ozone layer and destroy it. The ozone layer helps protect us from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can cause skin cancer and cataracts.

So what does this mean for people with air conditioners that use Freon?

According to the EPA’s website, “the most important thing that you can do is maintain it properly because appropriate servicing minimizes potential environmental damage and prolongs the life of the system.” “Homeowners should also request that service technicians locate and repair leaks instead of “topping off” leaking systems to protect the environment, minimize future service calls and repair costs, and reduce equipment operation costs by improving performance. It is also illegal to intentionally release any refrigerant when maintaining, servicing, repairing, or disposing of AC equipment.”

Summarizing: If you have an older system, get an AC tune-up every 6 months. If the refrigerant level is low, find the leak and fix it, or discuss replacing the system with a new, clean, energy-efficient model.

In 2020-21, while we were all stuck at home, many Texans decided to renovate or add another room to their home. Know that every air conditioner is designed to efficiently cool a predefined space rated in square footage. When you add to that square footage, you may find that your current AC struggles to keep up. In this case, consider an AC replacement or adding a ductless wall unit.