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Error code search offers information on the cause of the malfunction and the status of your air conditioner by entering the error code.


  1. This page provides a simple explanation concerning content relating to error codes and their possible causes. Please note that the content may slightly differ depending on the model.

2. It is always advised that you consult with an HVAC repair professional before attempting to provide any repairs yourself.

3. Precision Air assumes no responsibility for any accidents or troubles caused in the disassembly or repair of equipment performed according to the information on this page.


If molded case circuit breakers or earth leakage circuit breakers have tripped, do not reset the breaker immediately without first checking for any problems with the insulation of equipment.

Resetting breakers without a check of insulation may cause damage to equipment.

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Ruud Air Conditioning Codes:


CODE: Green “POWER”.
RESULT: Module has power.
FIX: Supply voltage is present at module terminals.

RESULT: Thermostat demand signal Y1 is present, but the compressor is not running.
FIX: Compressor internal overload is open. Broken wire or connector is not making contact. Low pressure switch open, if present. Compressor contactor has failed open.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 1.
RESULT: Long Run Time Compressor is running extremely long run cycles.
FIX: Low refrigerant charge. Evaporator blower is not running. Evaporator coil is frozen. Faulty TXV. Condenser coil is dirty. Liquid line restriction (filter drier blocked if present in system). Thermostat is malfunctioning.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 2.
RESULT: System Pressure Trip Discharge or suction pressure out of limits or compressor overloaded.
FIX: Condenser coil poor air circulation (dirty, blocked, damaged). Condenser fan is not running. Return air duct has substantial leakage. If low pressure switch is present, check flash code (1) information.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 3.
RESULT: Short Cycling Compressor is running only briefly.
FIX: High head pressure. Thermostat demand signal is intermittent. Time delay relay defective, if present. Hot gas sensor defective, if present.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 4.
RESULT: Locked Rotor.
FIX: Run capacitor has failed. Low line voltage (contact utility if voltage at disconnect is low). Excessive liquid refrigerant in compressor. Compressor bearings are seized.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 5.
RESULT: Open Circuit.
FIX: Compressor contactor has failed open. High pressure switch is open, If present. Open circuit in compressor supply wiring or connections. Unusually long compressor protector reset time due to extreme ambient temperature. Compressor windings are damaged.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 6.
RESULT: Open Start Circuit Current only in run circuit.
FIX: Run capacitor has failed. Open circuit in compressor start wiring or connections. Compressor start winding is damaged.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 7.
RESULT: Open Run Circuit Current only in start circuit.
FIX: Open circuit in compressor run wiring or connections. Compressor run winding is damaged.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 8.
RESULT: Welded Contactor Compressor always runs.
FIX: Compressor contactor has failed closed. Thermostat demand signal not connected to module.

CODE: Yellow “ALERT” Flash Code 9.
RESULT: Low Voltage Control circuit < 17VAC.
FIX: Control circuit transformer is overloaded. Low line voltage (contact utility if voltage at disconnect is low).

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