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Based in Corpus Christi, we’re specialists in the installation, repair, and servicing of Air Conditioning units. Competitive pricing. Qualified installation techs.

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Our team of highly experienced technicians can help you choose the right Air Conditioning system to suit your home. We also offer various finance options for all air conditioning installations.

The best AC installation in Corpus Christi


We get it. Sometimes, the cost to repair an old air conditioner just doesn’t make sense. By comparison, a new unit may be an inconvenient expense, but the initial cost of a new energy efficient air conditioner is quickly offset by lower electric bills and tax credits. You save money and have a more comfortable home.

Visit our showroom to see the latest air conditioners on display. See the newest models, features, and options to inform your decision. Of course, we professionally install your new system for comfortable, reliable, and energy-efficient AC that lasts for many years. 100% financing is available for new equipment installation.

An ac technician installing a wall mounted ptac unit with a customer testimonial stating "Professional service and would recommend to anyone. We are very satisfied with the installation process and outcome of our new AC system. The team was very knowledgeable about the products and were very clean about their work."

New air conditioners for $0 down!


Whether you have no credit, bad credit, or perfect credit, we make it easy. Plus, get a free wifi thermostat with any AC installation or replacement.

0% interest for 12 months

Payments as low as $99 a month


All new central air conditioner installations include a wifi smart thermostat.
Eli Castandeda Jr. Founder and owner of precision air

“With over 25 years in the industry, I use everything I’ve learned serving thousands of customers to ensure that my team delivers precise, dependable, and high-quality service whenever you need it; day or night. We value your business.”

Eli Castaneda Jr, Founder

Need a new air conditioner? We check every box.

✔︎ Fast installation

✔︎ 100% Financing available

✔︎ Excellent Google reviews. A+ BBB rating

✔︎ Techs are certified, screened, and uniformed

Installation services you can trust

Justin Gurney
Justin Gurney
December 12, 2023
Great company full of friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking people.
dora fino
dora fino
November 21, 2023
I consider you the best compared to other one i used. Your technicians are great at their jobs, only thing is we can never get anyone on the phone to make payments. Great company is all i can say.
Barb Johnson
Barb Johnson
November 7, 2023
I recommend highly recommend precision air on time. Neat and clean. Do things right. Fix it, repair it, replace it. I've had it all happen and they've always been excellent
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez
October 5, 2023
Very efficient service and easy to communicate with.
Ronda Richter
Ronda Richter
September 26, 2023
Zeke, Johnny and their crew were very professional and informative. Everything went perfect . The rooms are cooling. I wish I would’ve done it sooner but I’m glad it’s done now. I will be reaching out to you all soon for a new AC unit. My family and myself want to thank you so much for working with us and helping us as much as you did. It does not go unnoticed, and it is very very appreciated.
kelly minnick
kelly minnick
September 21, 2023
I had precision do an install of a mini split for a workshop. They crew was prompt and professional, from beginning to end. Very fair price and quick service, thank you!
Curtis Rock
Curtis Rock
September 14, 2023
Precision Air is my go-to HVAC company for maintenance and repairs. They are courteous and patient when giving advice. I recently had UV lights installed for my units to help reduce airborne contaminants that affect my allergies. They are reasonably priced and they were efficient in getting the work completed. 10/10 recommend.

What to expect with an AC installation


Step one:  Schedule your appointment

Schedule an in-home appointment for a Precision Air expert to measure your space and assess and evaluate your HVAC needs.

Step two: Get your quote

When your assessment is complete, we’ll follow up with a quote for the new AC unit. It will include product pricing and a labor breakdown, along with financing options to fit your budget. Should you have any questions, we will be there to answer them every step of the way.

Step three: Installation day

Once the installation is complete, Precision HVAC professionals will clean up your old unit and then review manufacturer care and maintenance instructions with you. We ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the new unit and installation before leaving.

A precision air technician providing details to two customers about their ac installation

We install all types of air conditioners

No matter the type of air conditioner you’re looking to install, we have options to fit your needs. Most are available to view firsthand in our Corpus Christi showroom. From central ac units to PTAC installations, we’ve got you covered. Not sure which option you choose? Here are some pros and cons of each.

Mini-Split AC Installation (Wall Mounted)

Like a traditional HVAC system, there is an outside unit and a single indoor unit that distributes that conditioned air. Hence the term, “split system.”

A mini-split system also has two split units, an outdoor heat pump or condenser and an indoor air handler or handlers. Since the indoor component comprises multiple mini units, one for each room or zone, it’s a “mini-split.”

We proudly offer Mitsubishi mini-split AC units with the industry’s best warranty.

A graphic showing the working parts of a mini split air conditioner installation. Outdoor lines, line cover, outdoor ac unit and mini split unit wall installation.


✔︎ Energy-efficient zoning
Mini-splits have some of the highest efficiency rate systems on the market and are anywhere from 25 to 35 percent more efficient.

✔︎ Flexibility in mounting locations
There’s no ductwork involved with a mini-split installation, so there’s no need to break through walls and crawl through tight spaces to add runs to the ductwork.

✔︎ Simple maintenance
No ductwork to periodically reseal or to get clogged with debris to the point where it needs to be cleaned.

✔︎ Quieter operation
Mini split systems have some of the lowest decibel ratings on the market, sometimes quieter than a human whisper.


𝗫 Aesthetics
Despite the variety of indoor units, some people just don’t like the idea of a visible AC unit in a room.

𝗫 Cost
Generally speaking, the upfront cost to install a mini-split system is a bit more than a conventional system due to the technology used and installation time required.

𝗫 Lack of familiarity
It can take customers a bit of time to learn how to use the system and get used to the controls and thermostats. In addition, these systems are designed to be “on” all the time, which can take some getting used to.


Central AC Installation

Central air conditioning seems like a good proposal for most homeowners, especially if you live in the Corpus Christi area where it’s warm or hot for most of the year. Add on the adoption of smart home automation, you can stay cool while being energy efficient.

But central air conditioning isn’t necessarily a remedy. It has downsides you need to consider before making this purchase.

A graphic showing the working parts of a central air conditioner during installation: air ducts, air handler, furnace, outdoor ac unit


✔︎ Consistent temperature all year
Living in Texas, we’re used to hot summers and warm winters. Central air conditioning is the best way to keep your home cool, constantly, in every room.

✔︎ Filtered air
One of the other benefits of this system is the air pushed through the ducts is filtered. The air quality of your home will improve, which means fewer allergens and potentially harmful gases.


𝗫 Higher energy bills
Pushing cooled air into every room of your home can increase your energy bill if you’re moving from no air conditioning at all to central air conditioning. Luckily, we have a number of energy-efficient air conditioning options to choose from.

𝗫 Duct maintenance
Bacteria and mold can build up without regular maintenance. You’ll need to keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the ducts and have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

PTAC Installation (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner)

A PTAC or “packaged terminal air conditioner” is a commercial-grade, self-contained unit that is installed through a wall.

PTAC systems both cool and heat. Due to their quiet power, energy efficiency, and serviceability, PTACs are dominant in the hotel industry but are also suitable for home use.

We prefer Friedrich PTAC systems, known for superior quality and longevity.

An outside and inside view of a ptac air conditioner installation


✔︎ Cooling and heating year-round
The ability of PTAC to provide both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter made them invaluable for sunrooms and additions.

✔︎ Easy installation
Because you don’t need ductwork, the PTAC units are quite easy to install. You just have to install the indoor and outdoor units, make a hole in the wall, pull through the refrigerant and communication lines, and you’re done.

✔︎ Affordable
PTAC units cost less than $1,500. Compared to central air conditioning systems that can cost $10,000 or more, they are very inexpensive.


𝗫 Less efficient than mini splits
New PTAC units are fairly energy efficient, but they cannot contend with 20+ SEER-rated mini-splits. That means there is a more efficient alternative to PTAC units.

𝗫 No zone control
Unlike mini-splits, PTAC units are installed in a single room and can’t be moved to provide cooling and heating to other rooms.

𝗫 Temperature fluctuations
Because they lack the cooling and heating output, PTAC units cannot provide a constant indoor temperature at extremely high and low temperatures.

An hvac technician installing a new ac unit on the outside of a house

AC installations FAQs

Which brands of air conditioners do we install?

American Standard

American Standard will keep your home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days – and use less energy doing it. American Standard air conditioners are energy efficient, reliable and built to last. When you need an upgrade or a repair on your American Standard AC, give us a call.


Armstrong Air is a smart choice for homeowners who expect more from their HVAC system. Built with durable materials and incorporating brilliant technology throughout, they’re a brand you can trust. We’re happy to service Armstrong products.


APCO has won the prestigious AHR Innovation Award. This is the highest honor in the HVAC industry. With several models to choose from, there is an air system to fit every home, all of which use the same award-winning technology.


Bryant has been helping homeowners improve their indoor comfort for over a hundred years. Their heating and cooling systems offer the highest efficiency home cooling and give you efficient performance, comfort and value. When you’re looking for a repair or an upgrade, give us a call.


Count on a Coleman® air conditioner for the quality and dependability you can feel. Their high-performance lineup of furnace systems is engineered for outstanding durability and energy efficiency.


Ducane heating and cooling equipment is always a good choice. Ducane uses components that are chosen for their durability, which are then tested and inspected for quality before it ships. If your Ducane AC isn’t working, we can help.


Friedrich makes air conditioners for every residential use, from home office spaces to multi-room properties to the most challenging hazardous environments. We service them all.


Goodman® and air conditioning and heating products are designed and assembled in Waller, TX and covered by Goodman’s 20/10/2 year warranty.


Exacting standards make Lennox® air conditioners among the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy. So if a Lennox system has a problem, you’ll want a factory-trained team. That’s when you call us.


Mitsubishi is best known for its unique multi-zone air conditioning systems with the flexibility of controlling the temperature in each room independently. If you want to upgrade, or your Mitsubishi needs repair; we’re here.


Rheem® specializes in dependable, quiet, efficient systems that make your home comfortable.


Ruud air conditioners are known for being reliable and efficient, but inevitably, repairs are eventually needed. If you need a Ruud ac repair, we’ve got you covered.


Every Trane air conditioner is tested to withstand the harshest conditions nature can throw at it – like freezing conditions and flooding, but if it needs repair, we’re here to help. We meet emergency repair requests.


Since 1874, York has manufactured air conditioners with unparalleled efficiency, convenience and reliability. We’re happy to provide AC repair for York air conditioners.

How much does a new air conditioning unit cost?

Similar to buying a new car or truck, there are less expensive systems, and more full-featured units. We will review your space and give you advice. Many clients choose our finance option for $0 down and as little as $129 per month.

  • How many square feet can it cool?
  • How energy efficient is it?
  • Which parts of your existing system can be reused? (ductwork, electrical, plumbing, etc)
  • Will there be upgrades? (filtration, UV disinfection, thermostat, code requirement work)?
  • How much can you save with tax credits and rebates?
Is there a best time to install a new air conditioner?

Yes. Sometimes the air conditioning manufacturers offer off-season rebates – we’ll remind you.

Just because you click the thermostat and nothing happens, or the air conditioner is running and the air is not cool, doesn’t require a brand new unit. Invite us to have a look. We will do a thorough inspection and get you back up to speed. If you do need a new air conditioning system, we can usually have it installed in hours, not days.

How long does a central air conditioning unit last?

– Is your current air conditioner the right size for the job?
Often, builders and homeowners choose based on price, but an undersized HVAC works extra hard to keep your home cool. This shortens its life and drives up your electrical bill.

– Does your current air conditioner get seasonal tune-ups and filter changes?
If both answers are yes, it should last 12-15 years.

Can you install AC in a house that doesn’t have it?

Yes. If you have existing ductwork (your furnace blows air through vents) we can usually attach the air conditioning components to share the ductwork. If you have no ductwork, we either install new ductwork or install a ductless mini-split AC system that attaches to your wall and uses a remote control.

We’ll take a look, provide you with a free estimate and help you decide.

Do bigger air conditioning units perform better?

Not necessarily. It’s important to purchase the right size air conditioner for your home. If you buy an AC unit that’s too big, it will have short-run cycles. It will cool the air quickly, then shut off before it blows enough air to drain water from your system. This moisture causes mold and mildew in your home.

What is dual-zone air conditioning?

A dual-zone air conditioning system is a network of temperature sensors and duct dampers that regulates the amount of cooled air each room or “zone” receives throughout the day. Zoning technology allows homeowners to cool only the occupied areas of living space at any given time or to set different temperatures in different areas of the home.
Do you want to install a dual-zone air conditioning system in your home? Call us for a free estimate.

Do you offer hvac financing?

Yes. Payment options are as low as $0 down and $99/month.
Our lending partners make sure that every customer that wants or needs financing can get it. Learn more about your financing options.

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