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Our Heating & Furnace Capabilities

We are a team of 12 (and growing) HVAC pros and furnace specialists. We polished our skills with thousands of installs, updates, and repairs. For many of us in the Corpus Christi area, our heaters are “out of sight – out of mind”. Then, when temperatures get unbearable, we adjust the thermostat and wait to hear the hum of the heating system to bring relief. Now, you are planning or panicking. We can help you either way.





Is your furnace healthy?

Is your heater making strange noises? Does it fail to heat your home properly? Does a strange smell emit from your heater when you turn it on? These can all be signs that your heater needs repair. We understand that you have questions: Can I trust your company? Can you get here quickly? Will you be fair with your pricing?

  1. Trust; read our customer reviews.
  2. Arriving quickly; our phones are answered by a human 24/7. Average response time is less than 1 hour.
  3. Fair pricing; we never charge “after hours” fees. The pricing is upfront and approved by you so there are no surprises.

Our founder, Eli Castaneda Jr. provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our installation and repair services. We want your great experience to bring a nice review or referral.

no after hours overages
We're Always Open
You speak or text with one of us.

One Visit
94% of repairs are done in one visit.

highly rated in customer satisfaction
100% Satisfaction
"You will be thrilled.”
Eli Castaneda Jr, Founder

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Maybe your heater just needs a tune-up.

We offer comprehensive maintenance to keep your heater working when you need it most.

Your furnace check-up includes;

  • Check burners and filters
  • Inspect heat exchanger and flu pipe
  • Lubricate pumps and fans
  • Check the inducer, blower motors and electric connections
  • Inspect safety switch & controls
  • Inspect the pilot assembly & unit for cracks and leaks
  • Check temperature and pressures
  • Drain line and trap
  • Measure the fuel combustion efficiency
  • Carbon monoxide safety scan
  • Test and labeling of emergency shut-offs

We’re humbled. Really.

Most Recommended Heater Service Company in Nueces County

Thanks to kind referrals and  ★★★★★ Google reviews, we thrive in this time of corporate takeovers of Corpus Christi furnace service businesses. We remain independent and family-owned. Our children go to school here, our team lives here, and we support local charities.

Get your heater ready.

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