Cooling tips for your home that you haven’t heard.

We all want to save money, but most of us battle with giving up certain creature comforts in order to save a few bucks.

It can be a constant battle to keep your home cool and comfortable while not breaking the bank to pay your electric bill.

For the benefit of your budget, your comfort, and the environment, follow these summer cooling tips:


Keeping shades and blinds closed during the day can keep several degrees of heat out of your home. If you love the sunshine but hate the heat, you don’t have to shut all the blinds completely.

Instead, make sure the windows are covered on the east side of the house in the morning, and the west side of the house in the afternoon. In addition, you can take this a step further and buy shades that reflect and further block the sun’s heat out of your home. Don’t know your east from your west? There is a “compass” app for that.


If the temperature drops enough in the evening, open your windows and let the cooler air in. This can give your air conditioner a break during the night, yet still keep your house at a tolerable temperature.

In the morning, close your windows and blinds, and turn on the air conditioning before it gets too hot and the unit has to overwork to catch up. A smart thermostat is pretty inexpensive, installs quickly, and will take care of all of the ons and offs for you.


Most people don’t think about calling an HVAC company until their air conditioner needs repair. Regular maintenance can help avoid costly repairs and keep your AC running at its peak performance.

Have enough on your plate? Join the Precision Air Comfort Club and get routine AC maintenance twice a year as well as discounts on repairs, priority service, and more. All for $12.95 a month! We’ll remind you that it is maintenance time.


Ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool. In fact, you can keep your AC set up to 10 degrees higher than you normally would and still feel comfortable if you have a ceiling fan overhead.

Bonus: ceiling fans use way less energy to operate than your AC, making it the affordable and eco-friendly choice for comfort.


Take a peek around. Are there any heat-generating sources located within a few feet of the controller? Ovens, stoves, coffee makers, hair dryers, and even lamps can cause your air conditioner to run longer than it needs to. Move heat sources far away from your thermostat, or if you need to relocate your thermostat, give us a call!


Now is the time to check your home for anywhere cool air could leak out or the outside heat can get in. Caulking and weatherstripping doors and windows can be really helpful in retaining coolness inside. Adding blown attic insulation can also be a huge help.


Your air conditioner works by recirculating the air in your home. For the best performance, make sure air can easily move throughout your home. That means keeping doors and corridors open when possible.

If you have rooms in your home you don’t use, close the vents in those rooms and keep the doors closed. This way, the cooler air is directed only where you need it.

TIP: Homeowners should avoid placing any furniture or other items directly in front of a return air vent.


This one is super simple. Before summer is a good time to replace your air filter. We recommend replacing every 3 months at a minimum. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your filter, it’s time!


Have you ever reached to turn off a table lamp and accidentally burned your hand on the hot bulb? Regular light bulbs, called incandescent, use way too much electricity and they generate the skin searing heat. Replace your bulbs with LEDs. They will cost you a little more upfront, but use 1/10 the power and last a lifetime. Removing the old school light bulb heat lets your AC work a little less.


Depending on the brand, your air conditioner has a designed life of 8 years. If you can’t remember when it was installed, look for a “manufactured date” sticker on it. If it is older than 8 years, it’s a good idea to get an estimate for an AC replacement. Newer tech does a better job and saves you money.

TIP: Your quote is free and 0% financing is here for you regardless of good credit or bad.

Again, your quote on a new system is absolutely free – with no strings attached. If you are a hands-on shopper and would enjoy seeing the air conditioners up close, visit our showroom. Most models are on display and we can show you the good, better, and best features.

Call Precision Air for all your air conditioning needs.
Use these tips to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the warmer months, as well as keeping your electric bill within your budget. Whenever you need us, we’re here: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We’re always open.

Founder Eli Castaneda, Jr
I’m Eli Castaneda Jr,

 I’m the founder and owner of Precision Air. We are a family-owned business providing air conditioning and heating services to homeowners and businesses in Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend area of Texas.

With over 23 years in the industry, I am using everything that I have learned serving thousands of customers to ensure that my team delivers precise, dependable, and high-quality service whenever you need it; day or night. We value your business.

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